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What are the latest fashions in SUBTLE Style?

Theoretically, these CoupleSet rings could be whatever you would like to make them, but the practical side sets the rules.

These rings can be made from solid metal. They can also with a single stone that is special to the wearer or clusters of stones. They are also available as small solitaire rings. They can be set up and blended with other styles. They are great to wear on a daily basis.

There is a separate category for rings with sculpted geometric shapes and designs, where the texture of the metal emphasizes the interesting design. Couples must have matching promise rings. You can choose any design you like to gift your boyfriend this ring to give as a gift.

Remember the rules: simple understated rings with relatively small stones are able to be worn comfortably by both genders, and they are easy to style. Even if the ring comes as a gift, you can continue to wear it in your jewelry collections.

You may choose the two rings unisex or pick rings with the same stones however with more masculine and more feminine designs . The rings are suitable for him as well as for her. One part will be matching anyway and the other one will emphasize your individuality.

What is the best time and place to have Promise Rings presented?

The presentation of a promise ring is a crucial step in two ways First, you inform your spouse that you'll marry them, and second, you tell that the marriage isn't yet planned but it's not an official proposal. A ring for engagement can officially start the merry wedding celebration However, this time the engagement ring is still to be announced.

Create a ring-showing that is simple and casual, it should be far from grandeur and the flamboyance of engagement (where many families will attend the ceremony, take pictures and shed tears later). The ring is just between the two of the two of you. It's not a formal proposal, so don't go down on knees. It's completely misleading.

Now we are able to address the question of whether or not it is appropriate to present an engagement ring (or accept one) in a relationship. It's the time when you are both ready to commit and eventually get married. It's time to end your dating with no obligations and it's now time to mark the day with this engagement ring.

Before you take the first step of making a commitment it, make time to talk to your love one about the plans you have in mind. You can exchange rings (or purchase the ring) when you are both in agreement that the proposal will come sooner or later.



They're not the same. Engagement rings refer to the idea of a proposal, a particular wedding date, as well as the start of the preparation process, and a promise ring an offer to propose, but later, or to be committed to a particular person, as in wedding.

What is the difference between engagement rings, promise rings, and eternity bands?

Promise rings are a symbol of a vow to marry (but they are not an offer) Engagement rings signify proposals and the date fixed for marriage, and eternity rings are a symbol of a specific event in a marriage, such as the first anniversary or the birth of a child. These rings are given this name because they feature a row of small diamonds that run around the entire band, or around the front part of the band, the one visible to other people when the ring has been worn.

How to choose the ideal Moment to present a Promise Ring?

The moment you decide to remain together and pledge for the long term. The promise ring is the perfect way to commemorate this important moment for both you and to provide new perspectives on the future, such as an engagement. Just don't make the ring-giving the event a grand public spectacle. Make it a private event for the engagement ring.

MODELS and STYLES - HOW to choose the promise ring THAT WILL LOOK APPROPRIATE

You are able to pick any design, but we recommend that they are subtle, elegant, and not dull. The best options are simple metal bands, delicately sculpted pieces, stone cluster rings and one-stone rings. They don't attract attention, but they will fit with nearly every style.

What hand and finger should a ring of promise be worn on?

Place it on your middle finger or the ring of either hand. Make sure to put it on the ring finger of the left hand, it will make the impression of engagement.

How to give a promise ring to your loved one?

It should be a pleasant but casual setting, between the two of you. Be sure to show the ring after you've talked about your future plans and have the same idea of the future. Also mention gently that the proposal isn't made however, what rings represent is that the proposal will be presented in the near future.

Make purchases responsibly and in a safe manner What is the best place to purchase a Promise Ring?

Get a ring at the jewelry shop that is trusted and offers you with a broad selection of styles. Go to specific websites that sell specially made rings for promises-making events as well as weddings, engagements and engagements. You'll find something distinctive. Another benefit is the in-house chance to decrease or increase the ring size when needed.

Following the ENGAGEMENT PARTY: WHAT TO DO with the promise ring now?

As promise rings tend to be slim and simple they're great to layer together with an engagement ring, or wedding ring. Also, with other types of rings you may want to pair with.

If a break-up occurs Do you want to keep the Ring or give it BACK?

It's all about what two individuals decide. It is possible to decide to exchange the rings back, but it's as simple as swapping them back - you receive the ring you gifted to your previous lover and reverse. You could decide to keep them as is, or give back the received rings and not return the ring you received (if the relationship soured that much). If you keep the ring, it loses its meaning and becomes just another accessory in your jewelry box.


Love and commitment are fundamental to our lives, and accessories and items that remind us of significant moments are a blessing. So choose the best available rings for the one you cherish, and these rings (and other presents) will always remind your sweetheart just how much you appreciate them. Our shop is a reliable partner for this crucial choice of rings for a promise in an intimate relationship.


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