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Can I be Selfish??

This Sunday morning is more important to my wife and I than you might realize and I have a request.

I REALLY want you to be there on Sunday!

I know that some of you have hurdles to jump in order to get to service on a Sunday morning and my selfish request is that you jump those hurdles!

This Sunday is both an ending and a beginning.

It’s the end of our time at PCHOG, which is a strange mixture of sadness and excitement. It’s also a relaunch of all-church fellowship gatherings! Breakfast at 9:30 marks a new era of church fellowship and camaraderie.

If you’re afraid of what people will think because you haven’t been there in a while, I PROMISE you’re not alone. There has been no normal attendance for 2 years. If you’re ready to come back to church, there’s no better time than this Sunday!

For our last Sunday at Pendleton Community Church of God, we want to celebrate with as many of our church family and friends as we can. We want you to be there!

  • Maybe you don’t call PCHOG your church home anymore. We want you there!

  • Maybe you haven’t been back in service since COVID screwed up everything. We want you there!

  • Maybe you’re our friend who doesn’t attend our church. We want you there!

  • Maybe you’re family who doesn’t normally attend our church. We want you there!

  • Maybe you’re reading this and you’re thinking about visiting for the first time. We want you there!


This Sunday is a REALLY big deal to Suzanne and I and if we know you in any circle (friends, work, family, neighbors) we want you there!

See you Sunday

Pastor Ryan and Suzanne

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